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Linux User creation

How to add a user in Linux ?
useradd is the command to adduser in Linux
useradd is having following option:
(1) useradd
-d "/home/user1" --> user home directory
-c " THIS IS  a test user" ---> Comment about the user
-s "/bin/bash"   --->Shell for the user other option are /bin/csh,/sbin/nologin
-g "Group name"-->Group name for user
User name
#useradd -d /home/dir -c "this is a admin user " -s /bin/bash -G staff user1

How to enable telnet on windows 7

In windows 7 Home/Professional version to enable telnet. Perform the following steps:
Go to Start Menu-->  Control Panel--->Select the option Program and Features

.Click on the option Turn Windows Features on or OFF
Turn Telnet Client (Option ).

sendmail complete cofiguration with pop3 and squirrelmail